Scott Klopfenstein and Tahlena Chikami cover "Islands in the Stream"

2021.10.18 05:42 squrr1 Scott Klopfenstein and Tahlena Chikami cover "Islands in the Stream"

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2021.10.18 05:42 ahshitfuckme REEEEE IM HUNGRY

and horny lmao
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2021.10.18 05:42 jetheadturner Billy Idol Charmed Life Special Collectors Edition CD F221762 SEALED NIB longbox 94632176226 | eBay

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2021.10.18 05:42 Master-Working5377 LF: Foreign 5 or 6IV Ditto FT: Masterballs and Mints or US 5IV Ditto

I’m looking to trade a US 5IV Ditto or items if anyone is interested for a Non-US Ditto as I haven’t gotten any luck on obtaining one anywhere
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2021.10.18 05:42 NewsElfForEnterprise Sydney Airport maintains intention to recommend sweetened $17.5 bln buyout offer

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2021.10.18 05:42 Automatic_Letter_882 5UZPSG

Swap code
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2021.10.18 05:42 bjoing Crush I Can't Crush

Sorry if this is formatted poorly, I'm new to posting on reddit.
So I (22F) have a friend (22M) that I've known since high school (let's call him Matt). I've had a crush on him since pretty much when I first met him. We're relatively close now, and play video games all the time together. I always tried to ignore this crush through school because I really valued his friendship and didn't want to ruin it, and he dated other people on and off.
I'd accepted the fact that I wasn't going to be dating him when he started dating a mutual friend of ours (22F, let's call her Chloe) who I'm also close with now. Their relationship ended amicably about 6 or so months ago, lasting for about 2.5 years. They've both been really chill about it and we all still hang out, but I'm pretty confident Chloe still has feelings for him to a degree.
I recently went to visit them (they both live in a town a few hours from where I live) and I was getting some vibes from him. I know sometimes I can read into things, so I'm not going to jump on it- plus, hoes over bros or whatever lol. I don't want to ruin my friendship with either of them, so I feel kind of frozen. I have been trying to kick this to the curb for years but I can't seem to shake this stupid crush, it's almost been 10 years and my feelings haven't really changed that much.
I guess my main question is how do you get over a crush? I really want to be able to be both their friends, and I know I would get ostracized by the rest of our friend group if I acted on any of this. I just don't want to hurt anyone but my brain won't stop and I don't know how to fix it without ruining everything else.
And if he does end up reciprocating my feelings- should I reject him? It doesn't feel like it's worth it but if given the chance I would want to take it. Thanks in advance.
I've (22F) had a crush on my friend (22M) for 8 years, he used to date my other friend (22F) and I don't want to ruin either friendships. How to get over him/should I reject him if he asks me out?
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2021.10.18 05:42 ChildishAH ex-BF's family asked me to pay the "debt"

I stayed at his family place and they offered me food, water and all for free. And we broke up. Now they are asking me to pay for the debt. I said okay and they said 7,000 euros. I stayed there 6 months and a half. 7 months roughly.
Do I really have to?
Considering all the stuff ex bf did to me, I don't want to but at the same time I want to pay it so that they cannot say anything and we can never be involved to each other anymore.
I asked them to send me the detailed receipt.
He is from France and I am from South Korea.
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2021.10.18 05:42 OrionInSpace I finished playing Republic Commando a while back in 2020 and knowing there is still a community of people who love this game is amazing! This is my playthrough!

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2021.10.18 05:42 Mighty_Behemoth O candidato que prometeu dar um PS5 gratuito pra cada criança carente

Ciro Games
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2021.10.18 05:42 macsalexsingel1 Who doesn’t like to hear a compliment 🙈

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2021.10.18 05:42 Plasma7007 Revali is such a better character if you look at him from a different perspective. Here’s my complete overview of the Rito Champion!

While Revali is most certainly the most prideful of all the champions, there's more to this feathery pasta than it appears at first glance. Unfortunately however a majority of the Zelda community hates him and his character, and personally I don't think that's what Nintendo intended for him. He's definitely not perfect, but there's a lot more to his character then just his interactions with Link, and even with those, Revali has a deeper reasoning behind his harshness to Hyrule's champion than what it appears at first.
I think a lot of hate of his character comes from the terrible way he was presented to us. The first you ever see of him is the cutscene at Rito Village where he seemingly boasts himself up and then trash talks Link for no reason, and for many players, that and the cutscene with his spirit atop Medoh is all that's ever seen of him, giving a false presentation of him being a only prideful A-hole. The rest about him is hidden away in DLC that only some people may buy, and the most reviling of his true character is hidden away in a small diary most players will never read and miniature conversations with his spirit you can only hear all of if you defeat the DLC version of Windblight many times over.
Another thing that sets up a bias against him is that a majority of what we know about him in some way involves Link, the one person he has a problem with. If you were to take even the kindest person in the world and show only their interactions with someone in their life they disliked strongly, they probably wouldn't look like too kind of a person. Even in the DLC cutscene with Zelda, Revali shows off and prides himself in an effort to show Zelda that he's better than Link and should be the one to face Ganon instead. The entire cutscene still involves Link even if he isn't there. His life uninvolved from Link is very poorly recorded, and not too much is known about it, which is unfortunate.
So then, what do we know about Revali's life apart from Link? One big redeeming quality we know about him is that he cares about his people, the Rito, and not just himself. Apart of the second page of his diary says this:
"The Rito children look up to me. I hear they wish to start training at the Flight Range too. Perhaps it's not a bad idea to allow everyone to use my training space. These are dangerous times, after all."
The book Creating a Champion goes on further to say:
"Revali wanted to nurture the next generation of warriors, and later opened the Flight Range as a practice space for children."
And if you beat the DLC version of Windblight, one of the things his spirit will say to Link is:
"You again? Well, since you're here, tell me... How is Rito Village faring? I can't fathom that it's been 100 years... There's no one left who would even know me. But even so, it will always be my home."
When he says "There's no one left who would even know me." Revali's voice actually gets incredibly emotional, which is the only time ever he actually lets his true emotions crack in front of Link. All of this combined shows he has a deep compassion for his people , which ends up being the basis of why he wants to be the one to defeat Ganon so badly, and takes is so harshly when it ends up turning out that Link will be facing Ganon instead.
Now before we talk about Revali's interaction with Link at Rito Village, it's important to note that this isn't his first time meeting Link, or even second. Their inauguration at Hyrule Castle came beforehand, and he's already had at least a handful of interactions with Link.
"That annoying silent knight was as emotionless as usual. I can never tell what's on his mind. Likely nothing at all." comes from his diary about the day of inauguration, and 'as usual' implies Link has been both silent and emotionless around Revali many times before, so the cutscene at the village is actually the result of a buildup of conflict between the two, not just a first time meeting. It's also important to note that Link being silent and not showing his emotions isn't a character flaw of his, but it's something that definitely roughens the relationship between him and Revali, as Revali is far more extroverted, and takes Link's extremely stoic behavior as that he doesn't care about him or anything he does or says. He actually mentions this in his diary entry about the cutscene with Link at Rito Village, which is what I want to talk about next.
"The princess came to the village on official business, along with her shadow, that insufferable knight. I tried to talk with him while the princess met with the elder, but he was his usual quiet self. Why do people like him so? I also gave him the privilege of seeing me perform Revali's Gale. Nothing. No reaction at all to my impressive feat. I showed it to him even knowing there was a chance of failure, since it's still so new. He must truly be slow-witted. I tried to provoke him into facing me, but to no avail. It's like talking to a stone. Our interactions were a waste of time, so I flew off to find solace with Medoh. What's wrong with that guy?"
Revali is first offset in this interaction is by Link showing no reaction whatsoever to his gale, which he says he could have completely failed at, and knowingly took that risk just to show it to Link. He probably got his feelings hurt and self confidence smacked down when Link shows literally no reaction to what he spent weeks if not months, if not years to master and went through a lot of both physical pain and the emotional struggle of not being good enough, as we see and hear in the DLC cutscene with Zelda.
This in turn makes Revali angry, and that's when he starts to blabber about himself and start to go on that he's unhappy with only being an assist to Link. It's not even on topic to the conversation, yet Revali brings up his frustration with only assisting Link, who admittedly at this point in time has done nothing but pull a sword out of the ground. Of course Link is capable of more than just standing around and being awkwardly silent, but at this point in time, that's all Revali has ever seen of him, so it actually makes sense who he provokes Link to face him during the cutscene, and even later again in a DLC conversation, wishes he could have dueled with him. He doesn't just want to beat Link up or something, he wants to know Link actually has what it takes to defeat Ganon, and he wants to see it for himself.
After even provoking him fails to get any reaction out of Link, Revali gives up and goes to find solace with Medoh, and it's very interestting that the word solace is used. Solace means to go find comfort after a time of distress or sadness. So it's really interesting to see that Revali was actually emotionally hurt by Link's reaction, or better put, lack of reaction, and is most likely what caused his rude behavior to him.
No Revali didn't handle the situation perfectly, but there is a bit more empathy the player can give to him when they know his reasoning behind the way he acts towards Link, and just the facts that he had his own reasoning behind what he did, instead of the common assumption that he's just a bully.
Lastly, I wanted to touch on why Revali is so jealous of Link's position, and why he wants it so bad for himself. Earlier I said that Revali's love for his village is the basis of why he has such a harsh reaction to Link being the one chosen to face Ganon, and when you really think about it, it makes sense. Ganon threatens all of Hyrule, Rito Village included....and Revali doesn't trust Link to be capable enough to defeat Ganon.
Revali has won multiple archery contests, broke all previous records, and has been named "The pride of the Rito." All of this as stepping stones towards the biggest and hardest task of defending his people...defeating Ganon. And to learn that after all of his hard and painful training, that the task of defending all of Hyrule, everything he loves and cares about included, is going to ripped out of his wings and be thrown into the arms of a 17 year old who so far hasn't done much of anything....of course it's infuriating. Of course it wove strings of jealousy into his heart. To have the future of everything he loves depend on someone who won't even speak to him is enough to almost validate his bitterness towards Link.
Revali as his own character is still prideful and honestly a bit narassasistic, but I don't think Nintendo or the Zelda team intended on him being hated as he was, and I think he only is hated as he is now because of the way he was so poorly presented, with all of his motives and reasoning behind the way he acts wove into little details 90% of players will miss instead of shown clearly. I mean just listen to his theme, there's nothing evil or hateful about it. Even the cinematic design director for Breath of the Wild, Naoki Mori, said "I thought it would be interesting to have a character that didn't just accept Link as the most expectational like the others did, so I created the character around that concept. However, I wanted to make sure that he wouldn't end up disliked for being overconfident."
In all honesty, he's my favorite champion. He's a very unique and layered character...I just wish all the details about him could have been presented better, and is my main reason for making this post. I want those little details most players miss to be brought into a better light, and maybe help him be less disliked as a character. Of course his prideful attitude is still a character flaw of his, but it makes him more interesting then being perfect. I hope this overly long post helps bring some better light to the Rito Champion.
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2021.10.18 05:42 gteng41 Noise from back right on 2014 528i

Mechanic took a quick glance and thinks it’s the strut. It happens over bumps and when I put weight on the back end to compress the suspension. Any idea if it’s just the strut or could something else be wrong?
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2021.10.18 05:42 elPibeMasPiola How can i lose ALL my money in the bank?

I become millionare with my character but i'm getting really bored, so i tried to start with a new character but i still having the money bank and i don't want it. So what can i do to lose it?
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2021.10.18 05:42 Koryflipzzz Is the XC3 better than the FTW3 [3070]?

Thinking about trading my new xc3 for a new FTW3 or an upgrade. Is it worth it?
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2021.10.18 05:42 ajord24 Just got engaged and I’m in love with my marquise!

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2021.10.18 05:42 Gizazel How would you build an occultist now that dodge is gone ?

I have been looking at old occultist ED/Contagion and Chaosslinger builds but they all used to build around dodge and took acro/phase acro, now that we dont have dodge what are some ways of building the defenses ?
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2021.10.18 05:42 bitchenqueen feeling like this today,,,

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2021.10.18 05:42 TheOfficialAK Installing accessories without connecting?

Hi guys, wondering if we could just wire up all the devices first to power and connect them to HomeKit at a later stage?
Especially if the wifi mesh is not fully set up yet but we need the electricians and contractors to install most of the accessories.
And of course at minimum still be able to be used, specially the wall light switches (just not from the home app)
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2021.10.18 05:42 Rahul_vinod Eagle mindset

The ways of the eagle, and thought I’d highlight the lessons that we can learn from them.
Consider the eagle…..
Eagles fly alone or with their own kind. Life lesson: Associate with people who are at your level, or who can help you to grow. Also, not everyone will share your vision or dream. Find people who think like you so that you can both dream and grow together. Don’t waste your time with naysayers and negative people. And don’t share your dreams with just anybody. You’ve got a dream? Protect it!
Eagles have excellent vision and concentration. To catch their prey, they focus on it with laser like intensity, and set out to get it. Life lesson: Do the same with your goals. Focus on one thing to accomplish at a time. Give it your effort, time and energy. Focus and “set out to achieve it”.
Eagles feed on live food/meat. They don’t eat dead animals. Life lesson: Don’t waste your energy and time beating a dead horse. Know when to say goodbye and let go. Keep your options open and your information current. Do your research and preparation. Keep things current and keep them moving.
Eagles love the storm. They get excited when storm clouds gather. Why? They welcome the challenge it brings. They know the storm winds will lift them above the clouds. Above the clouds, they can rest their wings and become stronger. Life lesson: Get excited about the storms in your life. Challenges bring opportunities. We could see the opportunities, wrapped in our challenges if we weren’t so busy, complaining and trying to avoid them. Embrace our challenges and learn from them. That’s how we learn new skills, grow and get stronger. Is this easy to do? Of course not. But we can learn how to.
The eagle tests the level of commitment before engagement. Before entering into a commitment, the female eagle tests her male suitors to establish his level of commitment. Life lesson: It is wise to ascertain the commitment of people we intend to partner with. This is true in our personal as well as professional lives. Establishing trust is important in relationships.
The eagle is a master of change management. The mother eagle carefully prepares the nest for its eggs. When it is time for the eaglet to learn to fly, the mother begins to remove the comfort layers from the nest, exposing the pricks and sticks. She then throws the eaglets out of the nest. She does this repeatedly until the eaglet learns to fly. Out of fear, the eaglet jumps back in the nest, with each attempt, shrieking and bleeding from the pricks in the nest. The mother doesn’t yield. To others looking on this may seem heartless. But there is a method to the madness. The process is repeated until the eagle eventually starts flapping its wings, getting stronger and stronger with each flap. Then — swoosh! Away it goes into the air, flying higher and higher. Rising above its challenges and pain. Life lesson: We must not become complacent in life; clinging to the old and familiar. We can only grow if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone. The thorns or pain in life are there to tell us that 1. there is nothing more for us where we are, and 2. it is time to move on, grow and spread our wings. Further, the people who genuinely care about us will not encourage us in our slothfulness and fear. While their treatment may seem unkind, it is for our ultimate good. Sometimes tough love is best. They don’t want us to die in our nest!
Rebirth involves death of the old-self. The eagle has to make a painful decision at around age 40. Die or go through a painful process of rebirth which will extend its life for 30 more years. This process involves the painful task of knocking out its own beak and plucking out its talons so that new ones can grow. This entire process takes about 5 months to complete. Life lesson: No pain, no gain. Many of us want success or change, but without the sacrifice, handwork, disappointments and heartbreak that comes with it. To survive and grow, we must be willing to change. And sometimes, we may even need to go a step further — a death of the old self and a total rebirth. Ending toxic relationships, leaving toxic jobs, getting rid of destructive habits, thoughts, traditions and mind-sets that no longer serve us.
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2021.10.18 05:42 astronerdia Grad school and late night thoughts

I really want to do research in medical sociology as a field. However, as an undergrad, my GPA isn't great for grad school. It's currently a 3.06 and will be approximately a 3.14 after this semester. I'm working really hard to raise it but I just don't know if I can get it up by the time I graduate (I'm a second year). I'm doing my research on grad school, as I want to attain my doctorate and most in my field have at least some graduate schooling. What happens to my career if I don't do any graduate school or can't get in? Advice wanted, thanks!
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2021.10.18 05:42 DjWavyBoi Lil Peep Lofi Hip Hop Mix

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2021.10.18 05:42 Tyler-LR Looking for a campground where I can pitch my tent next to Lake Superior.

I haven’t been up to the Duluth area in a good while, and I used to go at least once a year. This time I’d like to camp by the lake and just relax. I’m looking for suggestions of campgrounds or even sites where I could make this happen. Ideally it wouldn’t be super far from Duluth. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 05:42 BankcoinGlobal Token Public Sales on BankCEX Exchange – PERSEUS on October 25, 2021 12:00 PM UTC

Token Public Sales on BankCEX Exchange – PERSEUS on October 25, 2021 12:00 PM UTC Token Public Sales on BankCEX Exchange – PERSEUS on October 25, 2021 12:00 PM UTC
Hello BankCEX members,

BankCEX are glad to introduce you PERSEUS IEO Taking Place On October 25, 2021 12:00 PM UTC
* IEO Sale Event details:
IEO Sale Total Supply: 12,000,000 PSS
Round 1 Sale Event: 7,000,000 PSS
BTC Market: 3,500,000 PSS
USDT Market: 3,500,000 PSS
IEO price: 0.1 USDT
Starting Time: 12:00 PM UTC, 25.10.2021
Ending Time: 12:00 PM UTC, 27.10..2021

Round 2 Sale Event: 5,000,000 PSS
BTC Market: 2,500,000 PSS
USDT Market: 2,500,000 PSS
IEO price: 0.12 USDT
Starting Time: 12:00 PM UTC, 28.10.2021
Ending Time: 12:00 PM UTC, 30.10.2021

See full announcement at:
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2021.10.18 05:42 optimashprime_25 [Friendship] [Chat] 26 / Male / Australia - Back to doing more assignments, come keep me company?

Hello everyone, how's it going? :)
On this wonderfully grey Monday, I am working on some research assignments (Yes, they never end) and could do with a chat to keep me sane (don't worry about distracting me, I am doing that enough myself 🤣). So here I am to meet some amazing people, have a few chats and get some more friends.
Anyone is welcome to chat, we can talk about anything you like, I like meeting all kinds of people. I don't judge, just be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. We can chat here, or I have several other platforms that we can use, just let me know what you prefer :)
If you wanna chat, send me some info about yourself and a conversation starter. Alternatively, there is a question game that we can play send me a number, and I'll answer it. If you don't like the question game, we can totally talk about other things.
Anyways, some quick facts about me.

Have a great day all :)

P.S. Blue/Bold text are hyperlinks, click them for goodness :)
P.S.S. I don't particularly like big group chats/ discord servers. I kindly ask that you don't try to recruit me into them, I am not interested.
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