Now that I'm hooked on this matchup I made, what track name sounds better for Phin vs. Callahan? "His Mistake, Our Vengeance" or "A Nuform of Revenge"

2021.10.18 06:32 PizzaDragon64 Now that I'm hooked on this matchup I made, what track name sounds better for Phin vs. Callahan? "His Mistake, Our Vengeance" or "A Nuform of Revenge"

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2021.10.18 06:32 SharpestBanana Rounde Loaf

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2021.10.18 06:32 RazzmatazzAgitated81 Testing

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2021.10.18 06:32 dishsoapalmighty Escaping the White Faces, past life reading of an African man escaping colonizers and forming a new tribe with other refugees

I worked at a psychic fair yesterday, I’m finally getting the hang of doing quick readings back to back! I did about 16 readings, I can’t remember most of them and only a few details from some. This one in particular is sticking out in my mind in full detail, and that’s my typical indication that it’d like to be written down.
The woman sat across from me and I asked her higher self to show a life that was important to her now for whatever reason. The memory started with a man holding a torch in his right hand, and using a sandstone wall as a support as he limped back to the campfire.
A group of 6 or 7 people sat around the flames. There was an old woman, a few teenagers, a mix of people. Everyone’s face looked sad, no hope, staring into the fire blankly. He placed his torch in the fire and sat down painfully and assessed the injury on his leg. There was a gash on the outer side of his left knee going up his thigh.
The scene shifted and I saw him and the group walking. For days, weeks. His injury couldn’t heal right with the constant use.
Memories swirled in his head of the white faced men. Who rode horses and held whips, memories of his home tribe screaming and fire and people being rallied up. With other’s running far and wide to escape. He was torn between wanting to give up and to keep going. Then he had fallen and torn his leg, which gave him two options - let it be his excuse to cease moving or let it anger him enough into motivation to push on through. He chose the latter.
Now they were endlessly searching, moving from place to place to find a safe haven. No one knew where that might be.
One night they made it to a spot where many refugees were hunkering down. It was well known to be a resting spot for migrating tribes, or gathering place for meetings. There were around 40 or so people here, stemming from several different tribes.
The relief of being here was potent. There was a safety in numbers, at least from wildlife, and there was a palpable sense of being able to relax for the first time in weeks.
He was laying on the ground when another man approached him. There were so many different languages swirling around that he was surprised when he could understand this person’s speech. They traded stories on escaping the white faces and the pain of seeing some of their own kind working with them. The man asked him what their plan had been, where they intended on going. He shrugged and said, do we really know where it's safe anymore?
This motivated the other man, he was motivated by the strength in numbers. My client watched as he stood on a rock and announced to the people, asking if anyone could translate to pass the message along. He said it was time to unite, to rebuild together. No one had a long future trailing from one place to the next, but we could survive together.
As the message spread through the crowd, people nodded and agreed. A flicker of hope returned to their faces for the first time. Since no one knew where to go, they started building there. The people began making baskets, pooling supplies. It was beautiful to watch these different backgrounds merge, teaching one another their own tips and tricks. One old woman was teaching young girls how to make baskets in a specific way.
My client watched the children a lot. In one moment he was laying down and there were toddlers crawling over him and giggling. He looked at their faces and saw excitement and joy. It was so different from the adults who had all their comfort taken away from them. It motivated him, the older generation would always be scarred but maybe they could build a safe place for the younger ones to continue being joyful.
Two men had left to scout, and came back riding on a horse saying that the white faces were moving into the area, it was time to go. They had spent three weeks making structures and now had to leave it all behind.
The group gathered to discuss where they might be able to go to be safe. My client had an idea, there was a tribe far east of them, who was known to be excessively violent and brutal. It kept most tribes away, and likely would keep the white faces away. Just north of this tribe was a valley with stone cliffs they could reside on if they were permitted to pass through.
It was the only hope they had. So together they set out east, and traveled for a long time it felt like. A few of the tribesmen came out to warn them away when they got near their area, they had these long spears and looked ready to attack. My client stepped forward through the crowd and spoke a few words, it was mostly clicking sounds.
This was a ~plot twist~
His father had been from this tribe and left as a young man, his father had taught him and his mother before his passing a few words from his language just in case. This particular phrase meant, ‘Truce, we are in need and not for a fight’. It meant that any harm done would be against their oaths to the tribe, and it was intended that only tribesmen would speak it instead of perceived outsiders. But this quote was law and they listened to it.
They had a brief exchange, there was a bit of a language barrier. But the group was able to warn the tribe about the white faces and what had been happening elsewhere. They were permitted to pass through the territory and reside in the cliffs.
They journeyed to the top of these stone cliffs, where they could see a vast valley and water in the distance. They could see people coming in almost all directions from miles away, and retreat themselves into the cliff sides to hide.
It was excessively rainy here during seasons, and most came from dry climates, so it was a large trial and error to build something that wouldn’t get washed away. But they did, decades passed. They gave themselves a name and new traditions. The adults found themselves smiling again. The young generation grew and gave birth to the next.
At the end of his life, he looked around with immense pride. They had accomplished so much together. He could feel his ancestors, and those that he had lost smiling down on him in their pride, and beckoning him home.
They had a different view of death. Believing that if you had lived a full life and had nothing left to give your people or to yourself, that if your body had reached its limit, you could take a way out. He was old now, he felt like 80 to me, his bones could hardly move him anymore and he spent most of his days sitting. He reached a peace within.
They chose to die by jumping off a cliff when they reached their life’s end. And when he dove, he felt the freedom of flight and only felt joy on his way down.
At this point I looked up at my client who had started to cry. She said that two nights before she had a dream of falling down a cliff, and she didn’t feel sad when it happened, and she had no idea what to make of it until now.
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2021.10.18 06:32 NoahDBest I love this new layout with originals having red backgrounds and canvas' having their own cover! Very useful

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2021.10.18 06:32 Seanl6Eight Mai Fatal Fury 3/Real Bout Sprite Capcom vs SNK Style

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2021.10.18 06:32 Donkey_5762 How do you spell Kai's full name

ZanKai colgeren tresdian???
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2021.10.18 06:32 Uncerte School of Humanities and Arts, National University Rosario, Argentina. Built in 1903 for a catholic school, bought by the University in 1951.

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2021.10.18 06:32 No-Elk-4 PUZL Punk - Creating Your Own NFT has never been more easy!

Thought about creating your own NFT but thought the process was too complex? 🤔⚠️ Not anymore. We’ve found the pieces to your puzzle. 🧩
Introducing: PUZL PUNKS
The first official collection on the Toast NFT Market will be PUZL Punks. The revenue from this NFT Market will be distributed to the treasury and used for buyback and burning of Native tokens. We’re positioning this to be a significant driver of value for HODLrs across the ecosystem.
Now you have a chance to win a free PUZL Pack! You can participate by having multiple entries. The more entries you have increases your chance of winning!
There will only be 5 winners so don’t wait!!
Participate today to potential win a PUZL Pack!!
Here’s how it works!
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2021.10.18 06:32 Euphoric_Skirt3538 🐶 ShibPuppy | Just launched | Big marketing incoming | Based devs

Welcome to the ShibPuppy! 🐶 Are you tired of constantly losing money on reward tokens that die within a week? Well say no more because you’ve found the right place!
Based Devs ✅
4% Reflections 😍
3% To the liquidity pool 🌊
4% Goes towards marketing 🔥
2% Additional sell tax ➕
Marketing is often the most important element that sends a token to the moon! So we will not take marketing with a grain of salt. Our contract will automatically tax paper hands and send BNB to our marketing wallet, this will keep the project alive and always pushing to new ATHs!
Private Sale:
We have already filled a private sale of 75 BNB which was open to influencers only. We will soon allocate a small portion of the private sale to the public!
Launch went fantastic, we are going to new highs since CMC listed and way more marketing is coming
The Team:
We are based and have created many successful projects before that have reached the moon! 🚨
🐶 Contract Address: 0x923c3ccb8be4cff93cfb123638677eb3edd51e8d
🐶 Pancakeswap:
🐶Renounced Ownership:
Early contributors will be well rewarded so stay tuned ShibaPuppy Fam and prepare for our take off to the moon! 🤍
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2021.10.18 06:32 Newbie8-----D How does the personal allowance in tax work?

Right now I make about £460 pre tax a week working as a delivery driver while at uni. I’ve been working for 3 months and plan on quitting in about 2. I heard I could claim back the tax I’ve paid in April as I wouldn’t have made over £12,000 in the year or is this false? Thank you.
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2021.10.18 06:32 Aydenflames0129 FIRST CAR!

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2021.10.18 06:32 alexaclova To Love Your Enemy - (S2) Episode 97

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2021.10.18 06:32 TheThirdLugia undertale in teletext

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2021.10.18 06:32 HazzyWazzy420 Massive frame drops regardless of settings?

When ever a lot of stuff happens at once like a horde with a special infected or even multiple come in my frames drop as low as 30 FPS, regardless of setting, even though I've seen people with the same hardware as me get an average of 60FPS on ultra at 1080p. I'm playing on the microsoft store/game pass version, I have a GTX 1650 Super 4GB, 8GB of DDR4 Ram, Windows 11 (Was happening on Windows 10 too), an i3 10100 3.60GHz. I don't have any background apps open, I am not using the razer programs (Uninstalled them when they gave me the horrid stutter issue everyone was having). No matter what settings I change it does not really change how bad the frames drop. Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you for reading my help request!
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2021.10.18 06:32 RedDragon117 this is my steam mobile please help. I can't do trades or anything.

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2021.10.18 06:32 OptimistArcheopteryx AAR 10/18/21 - [Isle of Dread] || “Luckily, Octo-mommy is here to protect me. ... and my raging girlfriend.”

Adventure: In an effort to acquire much-needed resources for the Company, I propose an expedition to establish firm contact with the cecaelia. Our goal is to negotiate a successful trade deal, gather information, and secure friendly relations with these aquatic individuals. One of our primary objectives is to find a sustainable supply of magical components, especially the rumored pearls that may allow us to transcribe spells. It would also be beneficial to assess their population, culture, and their relationships to other entities across the Isle.
Remember, we represent the Company in this endeavor. And, by extension, the radiant glory of the Stormhold Empire. Be on your best behavior and act with civility.
DM: OptimistArcheopteryx
_Sam_Sammich_ - Alden Gaumont - "I’m colonizing this place just like the empire would want me to!"
GhostlyGamess - Aldian Star - "You guys don’t take the road?"
Cheay97 - Aria Thorne - "Do we want to sell this bathroom to the locals?" - LEVELED!
theRichhh - Ishtar - "For science... eugh."
Normandy3999 - Septima Minerva - “I can’t object if you fry a monkey.”
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2021.10.18 06:32 willchammm An idea possibly old

Has anyone considered possibly sending in an iPad Pro for store credit to Amazon for the trade in program of course it will say it was delivered but who really knows would they still give you a credit because theoretically you could just send them an empty box for socks and still get $500 for the “iPad pro”
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2021.10.18 06:32 bongdaso247 Bóng đá Anh 18/10: Solskjaer cần cất Pogba lên ghế dự bị

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2021.10.18 06:32 Ninjasupahsquid Please Join our server... we're lonely

Me and a friend created a public server in factorio and no one is joining... :-(
The server name is "24/7 Public Krastorio 2 Space Explo - No resets"
our discord is

looking forward to seeing you there
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2021.10.18 06:32 Legend_Ubin Who in the windows 10 is this organisation???

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2021.10.18 06:32 gerry88inHongKong Need a dock for your N1?

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2021.10.18 06:32 donutsanddimples Met a guy on tinder who turns out to be married..

I matched with a guy on tinder over 2 months ago and we hit things off very well. We talk on a daily basis through text, from good morning texts right when we’re awake to goodnight messages every single day. However, we never speak on the phone. He took me out on dates at least once a week and treats me extremely well like a gentleman (super respectful, opens all doors, takes care of our date bills etc). I’ve never been back to his place and he always gets us a hotel for when we do date night or we would be out of town for getaways for the weekend (keep in mind we go on dates every single week).
During our dates, we would take pictures as a couple, of each other, separately, etc. He’s mentioned he doesn’t have any social media pages and is off the grid due to work purposes. (I should mention that he travels quite often for work). However, through some heavily creeping and going through one persons page to another, I just found out through social media that he’s married… he married his high school sweetheart of over 8 years.
During our time together he’s never once mentioned that or acts suspicious in any way. He comes off as an amazing guy with zero red flags and literally checks off all the boxes (was definitely way too good to be true).
I happened to stumble on his wife’s Instagram page that is private but her profile picture is a clear picture of both of them as a couple. I screenshot the profile, sent it to him and asked “hey do you know who this is”, he replies “no I don’t know”
My friends were able to search him up and I assume from the beginning when we hit it off, he blocked my social media pages on all of his accounts on various platforms… and now including his wife’s after confronting him.
Now finding out through my own creeping that they’ve been dating since high school (over 8 years) and are married for 2, I feel terrible for engaging in such behaviour with him in the last 2 months and his wife having zero idea.
I obviously won’t be seeing him anymore, however his tinder account is still up and I feel extremely bad for his wife. In a situation like this what would you do - confront the wife or leave the situation alone? I don’t want to be breaking up a “happy marriage” or putting my nose in a situation that I dont need to be in, but i also feel bad knowing the shady shit he does and his wife doesn't deserve that at all.
Help? :(
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2021.10.18 06:31 Lonelling Can someome explain the formatting of T20 World Cup 2021?

What does super 12 mean? Do people from both the tiers stand a chance to get to the final? Does everyone play equal number of matches?
All i understand uptil now is, there are these 'baby' cricket playing nations who will play each other at first. Then some nations that are the pillars of cricket will play each other.
But why the division? Is it like 2 'baby' teams and 2 'super 12' teams will go forward to the semis? Or can it bee all super 12? I just mean, wtf is happening?
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2021.10.18 06:31 NoMarriageNoKids Wife fantasizes about domestic violence due to only getting 8:45 of sleep. Makes huge deal out of a flashlight left out. Any gents here wanna sign up for this and, in the end, lose half your stuff?

Wife fantasizes about domestic violence due to only getting 8:45 of sleep. Makes huge deal out of a flashlight left out. Any gents here wanna sign up for this and, in the end, lose half your stuff? submitted by NoMarriageNoKids to Marriageisntworthit [link] [comments]