How do I make a map for my NHS fanfic?

2021.10.18 05:43 Toshiko-Kuroda How do I make a map for my NHS fanfic?

Some fanfics seems to have maps of their OC nations. I want to make one too. How can I make one?
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2021.10.18 05:43 figleaf22 rowdy night

I hear screaming and chanting at 11:30 pm on a Sunday and I'm extremely curious. Something to do with a college? Downtown area.
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2021.10.18 05:43 Bruce-Duck Hey Math Majors - What is the culture like at your university?

What is the culture like at your university? Is it more competitive or collaborative?
I'm in 12th grade and applying to universities. I intend to go into math. I really dislike competitive environments. I've been to a lot of different high schools and some of them had a lot of academic one-upmanships and I want to avoid this environment in uni. I want to be able to study with other people in my classes without it being a competition to see who can get one point higher.
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2021.10.18 05:43 H0E4Maru-Chan Hey everyone just looking for friends ūüėÖ

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2021.10.18 05:43 Zestyclose_Limit8282 There's a new DbD code that gives you 200k+ bps but apparently it's not available on my platform (Microsoft Store) What is this bs?

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2021.10.18 05:43 skndjandjsn My boyfriend acts weird around her

My boyfriend Daniel and I (both 17) have been dating for 2 and a half years now. We started off as coworkers, then best friends, then we got together. Him and his ex (which he dated for 2 months) broke up 3 years ago. He dumped her, and I witnessed him constantly being treated like crap (yelling, lying) in their relationship.
She has a new boyfriend of one and a half years or so and when Daniel and I or him and his friend see them together he will interrupt them and mockingly say something to the boyfriend which comes off as friendly but isn't, and smirks at his ex. He smack talks her despite not talking to her in 3 years and will make fun of her when she does something embarrassing, or try to make her mad while he smirks.
This is typical behaviour I get it, but we are all in the same math class. I sit at the very back and they do too, but on the opposite side. He never takes his eyes off of her unless she sees him looking or something else catches his attention (he continues staring after). He does this for the whole hour, twice or three times a week. I don't know what he thinks about. His eyes are on her when she walks in the room (he sneaks glances all the time) even if his friends are talking to him.
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2021.10.18 05:43 All_Blown_Out_Again Indian Pipe / Ghost Plant Tincture Vermont

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2021.10.18 05:43 TrendingBot [TRENDING] /r/fantasybball - Fantasy Basketball (+760 subscribers today; 168% trend score)

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2021.10.18 05:43 persona2best are the raidou games really part of the persona timeline?

in the simplest way it gose P1-5 with a couple of the side games in between.
then you could say it gose SMT if-P1-5
but i heard the raidou games are somehow connect aed the original devil summoner
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2021.10.18 05:43 bharat-ka-itihas Rise of Rajputs in India

After the death of Pushyabhuti king Harshavardhana in Prachin Bharat Ka itihas , the political unity of India was again dissolved and small states were established in different parts of the country. The rulers of these states were Rajputs. That is why this era is called 'Rajput-Yuga'. This era begins with the death of Harsha in 648 AD and ends with the establishment of a Muslim kingdom in India in 1206 AD. That is why the period from 648 AD to 1206 AD is called 'Rajput-era' in Indian history. read more --
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2021.10.18 05:43 Gods_Given_Child Need help with loss of GM motivation and where to go

Hello all,

As the title suggests I need a bit of advice and suggestions on where to go from here. My campaign has been going since about May and my party is heading to Van Richens tower now. We've been using the mandy mod stuff and a bit of my own homebrew which I'll explain a bit more in a bit.
My issue is I'm losing motivation due to my party. My players are very specific about how they like to roleplay, something I had not known about or anticipated. They all belong to a kind of click that GM games with each other so my game is kind of an outlier for them. Because of this they are very chaotic in what they do. Throughout the campaign they have done things like rob the church in Vallaki because they just wanted money, actively and consistently taunt Strahd and never care when he shows up, when they learnt about lady Wachter and the barons plans, they started the riots themselves which led to them slaughtering and burning about a third of the town down and then leaving without reason.
I let them get away with a lot of it because any time they maybe go a step to far the whole table rebels and had times where one player in particular who is the main problem player, just outright sits out of sessions, another player has yelled at me during combat because he failed two saving rolls and got sulky.
I had to put the campaign on hiatus about two weeks ago because I was losing motivation and not been enjoying it too much. They don't like the book content and has responded mostly positive to my homebrew stuff, except for that one problem player.
The final straw came from last session. During it, everyone but myself started to drink. At first they were normal, they normally drink 1-2 glasses as its a Friday night, but then it got worse. One of them chugged part of his bottle of Gin, they started to get loud and ignore the story stuff and talk about unrelated stuff. At the end of the session the problem player out loud said he was bored of the campaign and how much I needed to change it from combat to RP.
I was annoyed because he had stepped out of a few recent sessions or only come to half which means he's missed out on the RP stuff and only been there for combat. It was also clear he was drunk he, he slurred and he was blatantly rude and laughing at it. Everyone else stayed silent and didn't interfere, he's kind of the leader of the click, what he says goes.
Basically what I need is advice on where to go from here. Its been two weeks and they want to get back in soon I assume, but I lack motivation and kind of don't want to play with that player. I feel like if I removed him the rest would leave too.
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2021.10.18 05:43 allonlinetools I Love You 50 Times Copy and Paste -with Single Click 2021 | JobsMarketUpdate

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2021.10.18 05:43 Outsider2o0 Amazing Wrld Of DEO

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2021.10.18 05:43 BeyondArchetype Nightmare before Christmas

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2021.10.18 05:43 Starlady174 Pet Portraits!

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2021.10.18 05:43 ImaLuckyBear A guy hasn't replied to me in two days. Should I reach out to him again?

So, I have been texting this guy for about a week now. He was the one to ask for my number and Snapchat. Things seemed to be going pretty well too, we both have similar hobbies, music taste, goals after college (we are both seniors), and more. We would both send multiple texts at a time, and for the most part, we would reply in about 2 hours or less. If it was a long period without a response, he would apologize and explain why, and the conversation would pick right off. But now, he hasn't replied for more than 2 days over text or Snapchat.
I don't know if I am acting paranoid, clingy or if he lost interest. Should I try texting him again, or should I wait a while longer? I am really into him so far.
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2021.10.18 05:43 BBQ_TED If the armor set in the recently leaked footage is the same armor set as the tweet featuring sombrebro(Jose) and samurai, then the speculation of a cape-slot may not be so far fetched.

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2021.10.18 05:43 bridgemixture Surrey RCMP looking for missing 55-year-old man

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2021.10.18 05:43 _Adithya_19 Now that's one sexy g shock

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2021.10.18 05:43 AgentSupremelydumb Why has nobody ever talked about this?

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2021.10.18 05:43 transginger21 Agression d'un lycéen à Bordeaux à la machette : un jeune mis en examen pour complicité

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2021.10.18 05:43 WolfScythe_ some questions

hey some questions

  1. what teamcomp im useing her rightnow whit beidou,jean,xialing i can swap jean and xialing whit rosaria,qiqi,xinyan,noelle
  2. what weapon when possible f2p im using right now the prototype catalysator
  3. what artifacts and there stats im using berserk set because a friend recommendet it me
  4. what skills should i max first
thx to all that took his time to help me <3 also about what playstyle i dont realy minde i chose the one that fits best whit the teamcomp xd
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2021.10.18 05:43 Yaoi_MakesMe_Cum If you were a Disney princess, which would you be?

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2021.10.18 05:43 doozle Regarding the right wing extremist trucker. Yosemite National Park is now aware of the incident.

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2021.10.18 05:43 chai_tea8 What is the worst feeling that ever happened to you?

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